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Fire testing laboratory Avaps

Indicative fire resistance tests.
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The AVAPS fire testing laboratory offers fire resistance tests according to standard curves with a detailed fire test record.

5 x 3,5 x 0,25 m
Non-load bearing test frames with clear dimensions
1187°C max
Inner furnace temperature up to
5 hours max
Fire resistance test time according to the standard temperature curve (ČSN EN 1363-1:2020)
  • Modern test equipment in accordance with EN 1363-1:2020 and EN 1363-2:2000 for testing the fire resistance of vertical building structures incorporated in test non-load-bearing frames.
  • In November 2021, the Fire Testing Laboratory successfully completed the accreditation process and offers the opportunity to test within the scope of accreditation:
    • ČSN EN 1363-1
    • ČSN EN 1363-2
    • ČSN EN 1364-1
    • ČSN EN 1364-5
    • ČSN EN 1366-3
    • ČSN EN 1366-4
    • ČSN EN 1634-1+ A1
    • ČSN EN 1634-2



Acreditation page 1   Acreditation page 2

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